A Proper Family Christmas

“Wickedly funny, this Christmas house party is both a delight and a horrible warning” Katie Fforde

William really isn’t into Christmas, – all that jingly tinselly presenty stuff makes him feel queasy. He’d like to spend it alone in his vast old house with his cat. But Haseley House could be a gold-mine in the right hands, – and William’s relatives want to make sure it does end up in the right hands!
Hilary intends to ignore Christmas. With Daniel away, she won’t have to conceal how desperately she still misses Ben. But widows aren’t allowed to spend Christmas alone, – and everyone else seems to be going to Haseley.
Frances, the nanny, was hoping for a break from spoilt little Tobias, but now she’s told they’re to stay with his eccentric grandfather in some spooky old house.
Can Hilary possibly be having feelings for another man? – And does she know the whole truth about the attractive Oliver Leafield?
Will Frances overcome the snobbery threatening to separate her and Daniel? Or learn which of his relatives it’s safe to trust?
And whose name is William going to put on that will they’re all so keen for him to sign?
This particular family Christmas is going to change everybody’s lives.

Praise for A Proper Family Christmas

Shades of P G Wodehouse in this zany but believable country house comedy in which Jane Gordon-Cumming casts a beady eye over middle class materialism. Her large cast of English eccentrics, farcical plot and witty one-liners would raise a laugh from Scrooge himself. A Proper Family Christmas is cleverly written and carefully observed, the literary equivalent of an Ealing comedy. It would make a perfect Christmas present for just about anyone. Linda Gillard

A Proper Family Christmas’ is a truly delightful and wickedly funny story and will capture the imagination of any reader, be they male, female, old or young. The free flow of the narrative takes the reader on a breathless farcical adventure, but be assured that the characters created are bang on the nail for today’s middle class society. There is not a boring minute in this book and I recommend it as a super Christmas present. The denouement is very clever and I am still giggling like a simpleton at the final riposte.
Mary Cavanagh

This is such a well-crafted, beautifully written and entertaining novel. It’s multi-generational, it’s perceptive as well as witty and amusing and the low-key love story at its heart is entirely satisfying. Hilary Johnson