Stroud Short Stories

When I saw there was a local short story competition, I thought I should give it a go. I love writing short stories (the clue’s in the name), and this would be the first I’d done as a Gloucestershire, rather than an Oxford writer. What’s more, they were going to be judged anonymously, so there’d be no danger of being compared to one’s illustrious sister.  I thought it would be nice to give it a local theme and chose the most notable feature of the area: Stroud Alternative Culture. Only after submitting my story, which started with some witty line about Druids, did I read the biographies of the judges, and see that one had called her website Druid Life. – Ah well.
But the good news is that she didn’t take offence, even found it funny, and my story has been chosen as one of the ten best, to be read at a special event on April 24th. The bad news is that I have to do it, standing on a stage, with a microphone, watched by all those nice people my story was gently teasing… That’ll teach me.